Flatbed Towing

Towing companies in and around Paramount, CA, are numerous, but what sets them apart is the quality of services they provide. We stand out for our towing services, and flatbed towing is one of them. No matter what type of vehicle you have, Jon’s Paramount Towing Services will handle it. With a minimum of jarring, we can transport it to wherever you choose with a flatbed truck.

Flatbed Towing Solution for Vehicle Breakdowns

In some situations, wheel lift towing may not be an ideal solution for certain types of vehicles or conditions. A flatbed truck can be the best option for hauling the vehicle from one location to another in these cases. Typically, flatbed trucks are designed to haul vehicles with large tires, vehicles without functioning tires, or vehicles requiring all of the tires to be raised off the ground. Towing long distances in this manner is the ideal solution.

The weight or the model of the vehicle can be another reason to use flatbed towing. By using this method, each wheel of a vehicle can be secured, as opposed to placing chains on the top and bottom of the vehicle, as is the case with traditional methods. Another reason people choose this method of towing is that no additional weight is placed at one end of their vehicle, such as when wheel lift towing is used.

Skilled and Friendly Staff to Your Towing Needs

In an accident, your vehicle usually breaks down and you need some sort of assistance. Many people contact companies such as ours that provide towing services. Because we have knowledgeable and skilled technicians and the correct vehicles, we can handle most situations that could leave you stranded. We offer fast, friendly, and dependable flatbed towing services in Valencia, CA, that you will find to be unmatched once you have become familiar with our staff.

Whatever your problem is, we can help. Whether you are experiencing flat tires, an accident while driving, or a dead battery, we will assist you. Depending on your circumstances, we will be able to determine what type of tow truck we need to send to meet your needs. The 2 types of towing services that we offer; flatbed and wheel lift. Depending on the situation we will use the appropriate method as a solution. Please contact us if you would like more information about these different types of towing services and we will be able to give you complete details so you can make an informed decision.

Flatbed Towing

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