Medium Duty Towing

At Jon’s Paramount Towing Services, all our medium duty towing equipment is capable of performing damage-free towing. We tow RV’s, motorhomes with our under-lift equipment and trailers. The largest medium and flatbed towing fleet we got offers a comprehensive range of towing services for all types of vehicles and special towing needs. Using our flatbed tow trucks, we can tow exotic vehicles, classic cars, and a variety of low-profile vehicles without causing any damage. We provide medium duty towing and transport services in Paramount, CA surrounding the Los Angeles areas.

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You can request a medium-duty tow today, and we will respond immediately. An immobilized medium-duty vehicle owing to a mechanical problem or a traffic accident can be a downer. The situation is made worse if you are stuck alone on a deserted road with no one nearby to help you.

We are the towing company that offers fast, reliable, and professional towing services. When you experience unexpected issues with your vehicle, let us assist you. You can depend on us to handle your car or truck with confidence. We value the trust given to us by our clients because of our years of experience in the towing industry. At our reasonable towing rates, we strive to give satisfactory results to every towing request.

No Easy Task if There is No Professional Help

Medium-duty vehicles have a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 to 26,000 pounds. Compared with light-duty vehicles, medium-duty trucks are able to carry more payloads. As you can see, moving it around without assistance is no easy task.

There are times when mechanical problems or roadside incidents cannot be avoided, regardless of how experienced the driver is or how new the truck owner is. It is our pride to provide medium duty towing services. For your convenience, we have reconditioned tow trucks and well-maintained equipment. Every request for roadside assistance follows safety procedures and policies. We ensure that every vehicle is handled in the best way possible. Your vehicle is well-protected because we send well-trained drivers to assist you.

Medium Duty Towing

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