Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing is perfect for towing light-duty vehicles. You can tow your car with a wheel lift tow truck if your car has front or rear-wheel drive. The wheels are secured by steel pins with brackets, preventing damage to your car. It is your only option in low clearance areas and tight parking. In contrast to flatbed towing trucks, which use a towing bed, wheel lifts use a metal yoke to lift the car from underneath. In terms of accessibility, wheel lifts are superior to flatbed tow trucks.

Wheel Lift Towing – An Efficient Way to Move Your Vehicle

Towing with a wheel lift is much better than hook-and-chain towing. Instead of using chains to wrap around the axles of the car, this method lifts the car by the tires, preventing damage to the frame and bumper. This method makes it easier to tow vehicles and maneuver around tight spots. Parallel parked vehicles with a dead battery or a flat tire may be difficult to tow without damaging them or the vehicles around them. This towing method is useful in this situation.

Tow trucks with wheel lifts are equipped with a wheel lift that fits beneath the front wheel of the vehicle being towed. Hydraulic systems are used to lift the vehicles’ front or rear ends. During towing, the remaining two wheels run along the road.

Towing a vehicle with a wheel lift is one of the most convenient methods. There is no excessive stress involved. Even a vehicle in a tight parking space can be easily pulled out by this vehicle. The majority of towing companies use wheel lift tow trucks for short-distance towing.

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Our tow trucks are top of the line and all of our services are highly professional. Our drivers come from Los Angeles and Paramount and have years of towing experience. When you call, specify the issue, the transmission type, and the current location of your vehicle. We will dispatch our tow trucks within minutes to assist you.

The tow trucks we use are well maintained and state-of-the-art, so we provide quality towing services. With the right tools and equipment, our fleet of tow trucks is comprehensive. We are capable of handling a wide variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, and others. While maintaining your vehicle’s safety, we place a high emphasis on satisfying our customers.

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